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Kleresca® Academy

A knowledge sharing platform for experts

Knowledge transfer

Kleresca® Academy is a knowledge sharing platform, allowing you to better understand the science behind Kleresca® as well as biophotonic technology, in general.

Building the foundations of a trusting partnership

Kleresca® Academy offers various educational materials that meet the needs of a broad range of healthcare professionals.

Whether you are a clinician, nurse practitioner or nurse, you can advance your knowledge of Kleresca® and its unique biophotonic technology.

Kleresca® Academy Platform

Kleresca® Academy Lectures

The Kleresca® Academy Lectures focus on in-depth reviews of the biophotonic technology, the Kleresca®-specific mode of action and the clinical and therapeutic benefits of fluorescent light energy. You will also find out more about patient management and optimisation of the Kleresca® treatment experience for the patient. The Kleresca® Academy Lectures are held in collaboration with healthcare professionals that possess extensive experience with the Kleresca® technology. Read more

Kleresca® Academy E-learning

Online courses in the form of presentations and document downloads. A test is available upon completion of each course to check your learning progress in the field of human skin and biophotonics. Once all the courses are completed, a certificate of completion is available. Read more

Scientific Papers

A collection of peer-reviewed studies featuring Kleresca®, proving its benefits in the treatment of different skin conditions. Read more

Scientific Posters

A collection of presented scientific posters featuring Kleresca®, proving its benefits in the treatment of different skin conditions. Read more

White Papers

A collection of white papers that explain the mode of action of Kleresca® technology and its benefits, specially designed to extend your biophotonic technology knowledge. Read more

Flexible approach that suits your schedule

Kleresca® Academy resources are online exclusive and available to you at any time. Whether you want to learn more about skin or hear the newest Kleresca® scientific lectures, our resources will fit your schedule.
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