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Frequently Asked Questions

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How is Kleresca® Pre-Post Treatment different from other available energy-based treatments?

Kleresca®'s biophotonic platform offers a non-invasive treatment that uses fluorescent light energy (FLE). The treatment doesn’t cause destruction to the skin but acts by stimulating the skin’s own repair mechanisms1-7
Kleresca® Pre-Post Treatment differs from other light treatments due to its unique mode of action, using fluorescent light energy that stimulates the skin at a cellular level1-7. The Kleresca® Biophotonic system consists of a specially formulated photoconverter gel that works together with the Kleresca® multi-LED lamp. 
The treatment is designed to help the skin of patients undergoing invasive treatments. It reduces inflammation and erythema, it normalises and de-stresses the skin, activates skin cells and induces the regenerative processes and increases collagen build-up1-6

What are biophotonics?

In this context, biophotonic refers to the interaction between the light and your skin3,8. Kleresca®’s biophotonic treatment represents a completely new way of helping your patients prepare their skin before high-energy and invasive treatments and improve their recovery after it.

What is the meaning of photobiomodulation?

Photobiomodulation is a mechanism where light stimulates the cells in the body leading to different beneficial clinical effects and stimulation of its own repair mechanisms3,8. It has already been used for the treatment of acne and for skin rejuvenation with very positive results1,2,4,5.

How is the fluorescence created?

Inspired by photosynthesis, chromophores in the gel convert light waves from the lamp into fluorescent light energy that stimulates the skin’s own repair mechanisms1,3,7. Thanks to the gel, the fluorescent light energy generated covers the green, yellow, orange and red spectrum of the light. With this we gain the benefits of the blue light generated by the Kleresca® Lamp as well as the deeper effects in the tissue that the fluorescent light energy covers. The different wavelengths have the ability to penetrate to various depths of the skin and to stimulate the skin tissues and cells3,8

What are the benefits of Kleresca® Pre-Post Treatment?

Kleresca® Pre-Post Treatment has been specially designed to help you provide a complete experience for your patients6,7, preparing the skin to obtain the best response and improving its recovery while improving the skin quality at the same time. 

The treatment provides documented benefits for skin that undergoes invasives treatments1-6:

  • Reduces inflammation and erythema
  • Normalizes and de-stresses the skin
  • Skin cell activation and induction of regenerative processes
  • Increases collagen build-up

What is the recommended protocol?

The recommended protocol depends on the type of combination used and the healing time of the patient, but generally, a total of 4 – 5 sessions is recommended.
It is recommended to provide 1-2 sessions before applying the high-energy or invasive treatment to prepare the skin. Once the treatment is finished and the patient has no open wounds, 2-3 sessions are recommended to induce the regenerative processes and reduce the inflammation and erythema6
Patients should experience improvements also after the treatment has ended2,5. This is due to the activation of the deeper layers of the skin with reparation continuing after the treatment has ended. Results can vary from individual to individual.  

Which products are currently available on the Kleresca® Technology platform?

Kleresca® is currently exploring the biophotonic field with the intent to develop more non-invasive treatments for a number of skin conditions. 
Currently, four products are available on the Kleresca® Technology platform: Kleresca® Rosacea Treatment, Kleresca® Acne Treatment, Kleresca® Skin Rejuvenation and Kleresca® Pre-Post Treatment. 

Is the light harmful?

The Kleresca® Pre-Post Treatment uses a multi-LED lamp as its energy source and emits in the blue light area within the visible light spectrum1,3,7.

No harmful UV light is emitted by the system. Clinical trials have shown that Kleresca® is a well-tolerated treatment with no serious side effects reported1-6.
The treatment is non-invasive and non-destructive, and it doesn’t cause any harm in the skin tissue. The treatment acts by inducing the skin’s own healing mechanisms1-7

Can any LED lamp be used?

No. Optimal results with the photoconverter gel requires a unique lamp with specific wavelengths and intensity settings specific to each product to allow the chromophores to efficiently photoconvert the blue light, thereby creating fluorescence. Kleresca® Light is designed to provide this.

Can the treatment be performed during summer?

Kleresca® Pre-Post Treatment can be used during summer. The treatment does not create photosensitivity by itself, and therefore it should be safe for most patients to have immediate pre and post treatment exposure to light and sunshine1-7. However, as the skin is entering a healing state, this may cause it to be a bit more sensitive. We recommend the use of moisturizers post treatment preferably with a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) included.

Does the gel penetrate the skin?

No. The gel stays on the surface of the skin and its purpose is to convert the light emitted by the lamp into fluorescent light energy1-7. This fluorescent light energy then provides beneficial effects causing the modulation of the biological processes in the multiple layers of the patient's skin1-7.

What type of training is provided to professional clinic staff?

The system is easy to use and complementary training is offered as part of a certification program for clinic staff. Kleresca® Academy offers complementary information about the technology and the skin as well. The purpose of the Kleresca® Academy is to broaden your clinic’s staff knowledge as well as to share this knowledge among professionals. 

Is Kleresca® Pre-Post Treatment safe and what are the side effects?

The technology has been on the market since 2014 and it has been described as a pleasant and comfortable experience with a high degree of safety and efficacy1-7. No serious adverse events have been reported since then. 

Side effects – seen in some patients – are all transient and may include redness, swelling and hyperpigmentation (bronzing of an area of the skin)1-7. Side effects impact patients differently. These possible side effects should be discussed with your patient before starting the treatment in order to manage expectations.

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