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Kleresca® Pre-Post Treatment

Providing the optimal treatment for your skin

A complete treatment for your skin

Kleresca® Pre-Post Treatment is a gentle biophotonic treatment designed to prepare the skin before any high-energy or invasive procedure and stimulate its own healing repair mechanisms once the treatment has finalized.
The treatment provides documented benefits for the skin that undergoes an invasive procedure: 

Reduces inflammation and erythema
Normalizes and de-stresses the skin
Activates skin’s cells and induces regenerative processes
Increases collagen build-up

Kleresca® Pre-Post Treatment can be used in conjunction with other non-invasive or invasive techniques
to provide an improved recovery for you as well as an optimal outcome. 

The optimal treatment for your skin

Find out how Kleresca® Pre-Post Treatment could provide your skin with optimal care when combined with high-energy or invasive treatments. 

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Kleresca® Pre-Post Treatment,
the difference is in the fluorescence

Read more about the science behind this new technology and discover what the experience involves. 

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Expected benefits

Kleresca® Pre-Post Treatment has been developed with your needs in mind. Discover the benefits that the treatment will provide to your skin.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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