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Patients’ benefits

What can you expect from the treatment

The importance of taking care of your skin when undergoing invasive procedures

Invasive skin treatments are known for delivering good results, but they can cause adverse side effects such as erythema, scaling of the skin, pain and swelling.
Kleresca® Pre-Post Treatment can be used in conjunction with other non-invasive or invasive techniques, to provide an optimal outcome for you. 

Kleresca® Pre-Post Treatment

This non-invasive treatment prepares the skin before any high-energy or invasive treatment while stimulating your skin’s own healing mechanisms, improving the following recovery.

What can you expect from the treatment ?

Kleresca® Pre-Post Treatment was developed to be combined with invasive and high-energy treatments
in order to provide the patients with a complete experience.

Prepare your skin before an invasive technique in order to achieve the best response
Improve recovery and reduce the side effects after the utilisation of an invasive treatment
Non-invasive biophotonic treatment, non-systemic and non-abrasive
Pleasant and comfortable, providing long-lasting noticeable improvements to your skin

Kleresca® biophotonic treatments have a repairing effect at the cellular level due to the activation of the deeper layers of the skin.
This effect continues over time allowing continuous improvements in your skin, even after the treatment has ended.

High safety profile

Kleresca® Pre-Post Treatment is a gentle treatment with a high safety profile. 
Side effects - seen in some patients - are all transient and may include redness, swelling and hyperpigmentation (bronzing of an area of the skin).
Side effects impact patients differently – if at all - so we always recommend talking to your clinic before beginning treatment.

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